Renewable Energy Conference in Doha, Qatar

After five years of successful research, and in order to improve international research collaboration, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt, scientific director of the Energie Campus Nürnberg, is organizing an expert meeting at the Texas A&M University of Qatar in Doha, Qatar.

The EnCN is traveling to the conference with a delegation of eight lead project managers, including the directors of the Helmholtz Institute, Prof. Dr. Karl Mayrhofer and Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid, as well as the Managing Director of the Erlangen spin-off Hydrogenious Technologies, Dr. Daniel Teichmann.

The morning session of the symposium will start with a lecture given by the Qatar Foundation, the local research sponsor. Subsequently, lectures from the EnCN research fields follow: photovoltaics, electrical networks and their optimization, innovative building materials, investment incentives in the energy market, fuel cells and liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC). The latter provides a possibility to bring the energy from the Gulf States to Central Europe with the existing tanker infrastructure. These lectures are complemented by contributions from the Qatar research institutes.

In the afternoon, the attendees will meet in workshops in order to discuss detailed topics. Finally, all groups together will discuss opportunities to implement Renewable Energy solutions from Bavaria in Middle East.

Scientists, industry representatives and politicians from all Gulf States are invited. The admission to the symposium is free.

Please register your participation at: wolfgang.arlt(at)fau.de

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Ort: Texas A&M Engineering Building,

Lecture Hall 238, Education City, Doha, Quatar

Kontakt: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt

Tel.: +49 (9131) 85-27 440

Email: wolfgang.arlt(at)fau.de


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