PD Dr.-Ing. Karsten Müller

PD Dr.-Ing. Karsten Müller

Head of Group
PD Dr.-Ing. Karsten Müller
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg / Chair for Separation Science & Technologies


A successful conversion of the energy system requires a large number of measures in different areas. Accordingly, research is focused on the entire energy chain. The aim is to significantly increase efficiency in the use of energy. This concerns energy conversion processes as well as the transport of energy over spatial or temporal distances. Maximising efficiency is therefore a focus of our work.

Reaction and phase equilibria represent a limitation in many processes. The prediction of corresponding limitations is a central task in the systematic development of systems involving chemical reactions. In many applications the knowledge of liquid-vapor equilibria is crucial. The precise determination of phase ratios and compositions therefore plays a key role in research.

In addition to purely energy-related research, prediction methods for material data are also being investigated and developed. The aim is to predict substance sizes as accurately and reliably as possible based on the molecular structure.

Karsten Müller's work in this field was awarded the Wolfgang Finkelnburg Prize 2018.


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