About us

The Energy Campus Nuremberg is an interdisciplinary research platform in Bavaria, aiming to develop necessary technologies for a secure, cost efficient, environmental friendly and sustainable energy supply. This includes power generation from renewable sources, efficient energy storage, transport and intelligent supply with efficient utilization. The developments are complemented by system-engineering, acceptance research, simulation and industrial design.



We consider the complexity of the energy system in our work and apply a holistic approach in our research and developemnt. We work:

integrated – The EnCN is capable of connecting various disciplines and able to provide optimized and system compatible technological solutions.

interdisciplinary – An uncommonly broad approach is taken for solution development. The necessary skills are chosen based on necessity and on a project base.

multi-institutional – The individual strengths of each organizaion are optimally applied in our projects.

connected – A single point of contact in the EnCN central office provides access to our competence network in northern Bavaria.

independent – Due to our funding we are able to judge objectively without the influence of particular interests. The EnCN can serve as a neutral platform for joint research.

flexible – The EnCN has the ability to individually adapt its research to the needs of industrial partners.

With our strengths the EnCN is able to provide the entire scientific value chain from strategically oriented basic research to the development of finished products.



Research Institutions

FUNDING 50 mio. funding from Bavaria State Government
over 5 years
27 mio. third party fundings from industrial partners

INFRASTRUCTURE 5200 sqm research space
540 qm conference space
30 labaratories und technical centers

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER >150 industrial partners
>100 events per year
>200 scientific publications

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