Kopernikus ENSURE

Kopernikus – ENSURE -New energy grid structures for energy system transformation

sponsored by BMBF

The Kopernikus project ENSURE follows with a holistic approach the goal of researching and providing new energy network structures for the energy system transformation. For this purpose, a comprehensive energy system optimization will be carried out taking into account all relevant energy sources. The most important main objective is to clarify how central and decentralized energy supply elements must be designed in the overall system. The second main objective is the practical implementation of the developed systemic concepts and the testing of new technologies in a large-scale demonstration project.

As a contribution of Prof. Luthers team in ENSURE, we will investigate hybrid and multivariate power grids. The interoperability and system stability of multivariate and hybrid AC/DC systems and their equipment (e.g. HVDC, STATCOM) will be evaluated and improved. Furthermore, investigations are carried out with the aim of controlling multivariate network situations and equipment with regard to protection technology. This is done under the requirement of high safety and reliability of the protection systems.

Together with TenneT TSO GmbH, the optimal interaction of power electronic actuators and their mutual influence and interaction with the transmission network and other network users is investigated. For this purpose, models of the various components are to be connected in a simulation environment in order to achieve a precise representation of a real system. Thus, the causes of mutual influences are understood and solutions are developed.