Non-destructive and imaging analysis

In this project, new imaging optical methods for inline quality control of photovoltaic modules during production are developed. Another focus is the development of imaging methods for non-planar (3D) surfaces.

Project leader

Prof. Dr. Christoph Brabec

FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg / Chair of Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology

Project information

Within the framework of this project, completely new coating processes are being developed which will enable processing on 3D free forms. Optical measurement methods are suitable for inline quality control directly after the film deposition and before further complex process steps for the completion of the component are carried out. Photoluminescence measurement (PL) has proven to be particularly useful in initial preliminary tests. The possibility of obtaining conclusions about the morphology of the active layer - and thus also first indicators for the efficiency of the finished solar cell - by using spectrally resolved PL places this method at the center of future activities in this subproject.

An excellent opportunity to combine the spectral information with inline image monitoring of film defects is provided by a hyperspectral camera. This will support the development of new printing processes in the field of renewable energies through effective and comprehensive quality controls.

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