Efficient Building Technologies

Building technology is not only about the efficient use of energy; the buildings of the future must also provide optimum working and living environments for users. Living spaces should be designed for long-term and with flexible use in a comfortable and cross-generational way. The development of innovative products and systems, including entire building concepts, is essential for the implementation of these requirements. Intelligent building utilization concepts are an integral factor in achieving increases in efficiency and energy savings.

Focal Points

The working group "Energy-efficient building technology systems" develops management strategies for energy- and load-flexible buildings and deals with the further development of low-energy heating and cooling systems as well as the optimization of heating and cooling generation systems. Only by taking a holistic view of energy and information systems the scientists are able to show efficient ways in developing building technologies. The focus here is on finding energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions for sustainable buildings. User friendliness and comfort have also been taken into account.