Robust diameter selection for pipeline networks

Optimized hydrogen network (diameters) for parts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg, Berlin and Saxony

Many decision in the network design such as the construction of pipes and the selection of their capacity is based on forecasts, which are uncertain. This uncertainties must be taken into account when solving optimization problems for the network design so that future grids still meet the “changed” requirements even if the forecasts deviate.  An example is the robust selection of diameters for pipeline networks. The diameters should be chosen in such a way that the transport  of the demanded quantity (e.g. hydrogen) is possible for all future demand scenarios of a given uncertainty set. With the help of a new mathematical method, we could compute “robust” diameters for pipeline networks without cycles.

  • Which Pipes and capacities should be installed in supply networks considering uncertainties, e.g., fluctuations of the demand?

  • Example: Selection of diameters in pipeline networks considering fluctuating demand of consumers and producers.

  • Robust Optimization → strict and adjustable robustness

  • Solving mixed-integer non-linear optimization problems

  • Algorithmic and combinatorial methods

  • Computed robust solutions are feasible despite of uncertainties in the data and forecasts.

  • Example: Computed diameters for  pipeline networks without cycles guarantee a feasible transport through the network of the demanded amount of hydrogen despite of demand fluctuations.

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