Storage operation and unbundling in distribution networks

The study analyses contract and tendering scenarios that enable the distribution system operator to interfere in the purely profit-maximizing storage operations of private operators in order to reduce costs for network expansion and management. The main focus is on the legal feasibility of the scenarios. This is strongly influenced by the unbundling regime, i.e. the separation of market and network, which would be subject to stricter rules under the Commission's amendment.

  • Which contract and tendering scenarios permit multiple use of storage facilities by private and regulated players?

  • What effect does this have on the costs of network expansion and maintenance?

  • How to design the legal framework for an efficient use of storage facilities in smart grids?

  • Quantification in multi-level equilibrium models

  • Development of a legal framework based on national and European legislation

  • Multiple use of storage facilities is legally feasible under certain conditions.

  • Model calculations show that this may lead to a reduction of total costs compared to a system under the current regulatory framework.

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