Investment Incentives in Liberalised Energy Markets

The research area "Investment incentives in liberalised energy markets" deals with the effects of economic and climate policy decisions on electricity markets, in particular with regard to supply security, the composition of the power plant park, future electricity price developments and the long-term relevance of various technologies. The researchers work with a mix of theoretical approaches and numerical energy market models.


Fields of activity

  • Development of numerical market models that enable analyses within the framework of the European electricity market design.

  • Economic and legal studies on the effects of legal framework conditions on grid expansion, the development of the technology mix and the development of electricity prices.

  • Active participation in the current discussion on energy policy by means of expert opinions, lectures and advisory activities.


  • Expertise in theoretical, quantitative, empirical and experimental research approaches.

  • Focus on computable market equilibrium models.

  • Many years of experience in modelling electricity market-specific problems.

Reference projects

Research team

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