Business Models in Smart Grids

In the research area "Business Models in Smart Grids", mathematicians, economists and lawyers investigate which market mechanisms and incentive structures can be used to achieve meaningful interaction between all market participants. Based on the technical possibilities of a Smart Grid, the implementation of an efficient power supply in the low voltage levels of the power grid is to be achieved. In addition to the analysis of the incentive structure in multi-stage market models, the investment behaviour is also examined in empirical studies. In addition, a detailed analysis of the legal framework will be carried out.


Fields of activity

  • Analysis of the effects of legal framework conditions on grid expansion, the development of the technology mix and the development of electricity prices in smart grids.

  • Development of a legal framework taking into account national and European legislation for the multiple use of storage facilities by private and regulated players.

  • Accompanying experimental and empirical studies of investment behaviour in smart grids.


  • Development of numerical market equilibrium models that enable an analysis of the impact of different framework conditions in Smart Grids on the players.

  • Development and analysis of different modelling approaches for physical flow restrictions in distribution networks, which differ significantly from the current approaches in the transmission network.

  • Expertise in experimental economic research allowing to investigate the behaviour of actors under controlled conditions in laboratory and field experiments.

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